Develop your competencies!

Infoart further training is a source of core competencies for personality-specific and vocation-specific topics. You are keen to acquire information and insights into yourself and the effect you have on others.

Your benefits:

- You develop your personality and specialist expertise in a further training system.

- You are provided with tailored offers.

- You adapt the training system to suit your individual requirements.


Self-management means the focused promotion of your personal effectiveness. You will acquire a better understanding of yourself within the framework of your self-concept – the image you have of yourself – thus helping your comprehension and judgement as you interact with others. In addition to specialist expertise, private and professional success are essentially dependent upon the extent to which you are able to bring your goals into line with your own personality and abilities. In order to do this effectively, you need to develop a proper understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses in your dealings with yourself as well as in your social and professional environment.

- At the individual level, self-management means being able properly to integrate the information you have acquired about yourself into your own self-concept. This process leads to an improved correspondence between your self-perception and so-called reality. You will acquire the ability to master the challenges which are placed before you more effectively, with greater precision and with a broader sense of satisfaction. This will boost your professional mobility.

- At the institutional level, self-management also means realising in-house self-development in the fields of information, communication and corporate culture. For this purpose Infoart draws up corporate further training programmes specifically tailored to meet individual needs at any given time.

The Infoart further training modules can be freely combined as required. This enables you to customise the programme to suit your specific needs. At the same time, the programme is made up of a wide range of interlinked elements, which enables tailored in-depth modules to be put together as well.