Management training

We provide you with support in various aspects of HR management with a wide variety of proven training and coaching services.

Human factors in business means the systematic development of your HR potential.
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Outdoor training Outdoor means training your abilities through direct and hands-on experiences. Individual limits will be identified in the fields of self, social contacts and at the corporate level, and these will be developed further through concrete activities.

Conflict-management Seemingly hopeless situations. We provide targeted intervention at short notice.

Culture training We accompany you and your staff on the journey into new chapters of your professional and private lives.

Self-management Infoart further training is a source of core competencies for personality-specific and vocation-specific topics. You are keen to acquire information and insights into yourself and the effect you have on others.

Coaching We coach you and/or your team for a creative and successful future. Subject areas include business, personality and private life.

Further training We are your outsourcing partners for your further training offensive.