Culture training

Living and working abroad / Working in intercultural teams
Cross culture communication

We accompany you and your staff on the journey into new chapters of your professional and private lives.

Only a comprehensive and holistic approach to professional and career planning, effectively attuned to individuals’ further development at a personal and family level, can ensure success for the expatriate and the company.

The starting situation: other countries, other customs

Without knowledge of the differences in culture and mentality, without knowing how your foreign business partners think, feel and act, or which communications and conflict-solving patterns these apply, you run the risk of misinterpreting your business partners, and thus of jeopardising your success both abroad as well as in locally-based intercultural teams.

The solution: cultural, personality and language training to extend your cross cultural skills

It is only through the cultural, personal and task-focussed preparation of the responsible persons that international assignments and company start-ups abroad can be prevented from becoming failures. We develop your intercultural skills, raise your understanding of the specific working culture and the commercial and socio-cultural characteristics of your target country, provide you with tailored training for communication and negotiation strategies and the key behavioural tactics required when doing business with locals in a non-domestic environment.

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