Conflict Management
Seemingly hopeless situations

We provide targeted intervention at short notice

When problems arise in business operations, they often have the appearance of being insurmountable. The limited angle of vision inherent to any system means that both those who are directly involved, as well as their line managers, are restricted in their ability to respond. In such situations, these key players frequently struggle just to keep the status quo afloat – but actual change becomes impossible.

We intervene against the backdrop of your personal resources and from a systemic perspective. Problems always have a development history and are affected by their general environment. It is seldom the case that only one factor of influence is at work.

Our conflict management gets to the root of the problem, makes it malleable and enables effective countermeasures to be taken once again.

The crisis intervention plan comprises a problem analysis and the first steps towards a solution. Building upon these foundations, the long-term development of the team then becomes possible.