CCC - Outdoor

Outdoortraining - Adventure
Foreign assignment? – First experience a little adventure!

In conjunction with the psychodiagnostic selection, the adventure culture training represents PRIOR clarification of suitability for a foreign assignment.

Adventure means training your cross cultural skills in direct and hands-on experience. Identify your own limits in the fields of self, social contacts and your company, and then extend these through concrete activities. The natural adventure enables you to choose your own location, and creates the basis for personal reorientation. The programme focuses on personal adventure and does not entail hazardous tests of courage.

Your benefits:

- You have fun at the same time as undergoing hands-on training to optimize your culturally relevant skills in the fields of communications, management as well as stress management.
- You discover new qualities in yourself, or qualities which you believed were long lost.
- You discover a sense of detachment and calm with respect to your forthcoming adventure.

Nature as the perfect coach. You will be called upon to try thing out which you will find challenging and difficult. This is one of the central qualities of successful people. Such situations seldom call for long discussions, but for quick decisions. You will be called upon to try this out on your self, and to test its efficacy.

The adventure culture training concentrates on six key skills:

- Grasping problems/obtaining information
- Planning action
- Team skills
- Optimizing decision-making processes
- Stress management
- Achieving targets