CCC - Concept

Cross-culture Concept
Cross-culture Communication

- Cross-culture communication is the name of our focused and task-oriented cultural, personality and language training designed to boost your cross cultural skills.

- Cross-culture Communication is aimed at managers and employees (including families and partners) sent on foreign assignments by their companies, as well as at those responsible for personnel issues who organize such foreign assignments.

- Cross-culture Communication incorporates the two training elements, cross culture training and cross culture coaching. Both the training as well as the coaching are defined against the background of our three basic thematic modules and the specific country modules.

The three basic thematic modules, which can be completed irrespective of the target country (or in conjunction with a specific target country), reflect the various stages of every foreign assignment.

As foreign assignments always entail a specific country, these find concrete expression in the topics of the respective cross-culture training and cross-culture coaching in the country modules. The country modules are broken down for each country or geographical cultural area into the following submodules:

- Submodule A Background "country studies"
- Submodule B Background "socioculture"
- Submodule C Cross-culture training (or)
- Submodule D Cross-culture coaching